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Neptunes 16U - Coach Sterling

AAU Season 2017
2017 x AAU Season

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TYO Neptunes 3rd Place AAU 16U National Championships Orlando, FL

Welcome to the Neptunes 16U 10th Grade Boy's Webpage


Head Coach - Sterling White

Assistant Coaches:             

Roger Bailey

Diontae Carter

Larry Sanders

Onaje Williams

Team Mom - April Sanders

Team Director - vacant

2017 Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament Location
3/18-19 Zero Gravity Carolina Classic Greensboro, NC
3/25-26 Neptune 10th Battle @ The Beach VA Beach, VA
4/8-9 Big Time Hoops DC Live District Heights, MD
4/21-23 Boo Williams Exposure Showcase I Hampton, VA
5/13-14 Zero Gravity VA Madness Richmond, VA
5/27-28 LT3 Memorial Day College Showcase VA Beach, VA
6/9-11 AAU Div II State Championships Richmond, VA
6/16-18 Boo Williams Elite 64 Hampton, VA
7/15-16 LT3 East Coast Invitational VA Beach, VA
7/19-23 AAU Div II National Championships Orlando, FL

Parent/Guardian Expectations

  1. Never undermine the coaches or director of your team. Understand they are volunteering their time to develop your child into a better player.  Allow them to run the practices without interference from parents/guardians.

  2. Understand that the playing time of your child is not guaranteed and is up to the discretion of the coaches.

  3. Understand that your child must turn in a copy of their report card to the head coach every reporting period. Failure to do so will result in your child’s disqualification from practice and games. Understand your child must maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Failure to do so will disqualify your child from games until they meet that requirement.

  4. Understand that you’re required to participate in all organizational and team fundraisers, tournaments and activities.There will be one mandatory organizational fundraiser that each player must participate in that will be determined at a later date.

  5. Understand the importance to get your child to tournaments and practices on-time.Part of playing AAU is being committed and dedicated to our organization and your team.

  6. Bring all complaints about team activities to the head coach first, if unresolved then contact the Girls/Boys Director. If issue still goes unresolved please contact the Director/Assistant Director of Competitive Teams Basketball (Wesley Grady 757-748-4461 or or Fred Williams 757-541-0084 or

  7. Understand that all fees must be paid on time or this could affect the ability for your child to participate in tournaments or practice.

  8. Understand that your child could be removed from the organization, whether it is by your actions as a parent or guardian or by their own actions. There will be no refunds for that removal or if you choose to leave the team.

  9. Understand that Neptunes practices and plays to the highest level possible that each team can handle, and the standards are to play to win every game.Understand that the goal of the Neptunes is to make your child a better player.Also understand that your team will not win every game and you will be expected to conduct yourselves in the proper Neptune manner.We expect our parents not to ridicule or heckle opposing players/parents/referees.We will win with PRIDE and loose with PRIDE.

  10. At all practices, camps or tournaments it will be required that all kids be supervised at all times. No kids of any age will be allowed to run around any gym unless they’re actively participating in a supervised basketball function. Loitering will not be allowed in lobbies, hallways or outside of any of our facilities. Any defiance of these rules could cause an immediate dismissal from the gym facility.

  11. Understand that the organization and each team have a budget and there will be no refunds should you or your child decide not to play after making the team or attend all of the tournaments.

Coaches Shirts




Beginning in 2016 all athletes must provide one of the following proof of eligibility documents at the National Championship events.  Non-compliance with the new proof of eligibility rule will result in players being disqualified. 

1. Valid Passport

2. Valid Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit

3. Military ID card

4. Dept. of Motor Vehicles State Identification card

**New Method**

5. A current school picture ID in addition to an original raised seal birth certificate (if your school does not issue I.D. cards, download our School I.D. Verification Form, complete it and have it verified by your school administrator). 

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